Festivals and Examinations

Festivals and Examinations

Festivals (Dance and Musical Theatre)

Festivals provide great performance opportunities. They help the students develop expression, confidence and the skills necessary to progress within the industry, from the experience on stage to the constructive feedback received after you have danced, festivals are fantastic, educational experiences for students. Festivals also allow you to grow a healthy sense of competition, which is vital to sustain a career in the Theatre. Students have the opportunity to enter festivals with Solos, Duets, Trios and Group Dances.

Current Examination Opportunities

Examinations have so many benefits for performers. They help students realise their potential, find their inner performer, improve confidence, in-still discipline and passion, develop strong technique and they are fantastic for audition and career preparation. We believe that exams really help children unleash their inner star!

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) (Ballet), Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) (Tap & Modern), Trinity College London (TCL) (Singing & Acting), LAMDA (Singing & Acting), we are also qualified and registered with the IDTA, BBOdance, NATD and CDMT.

*Exams are optional and you can take the examination classes without taking the exam.* If you have any questions regarding our examination or festival opportunities, please do not hesitate to ask.