Class Explanations

Class Explanations


This is a gymnastics based dance class. Students will learn a huge range of tricks such as; tumbling, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, flicks, handsprings, aerials and much more. This class is open to all abilities so whether you’re an experienced gymnast or never done gymnastics before then this is a class for you! Taking students from 18 months to 21 years.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and benefits dancers in so many different ways, from developing strong core strength to increasing flexibility to improving posture therefore preventing injury. Ballet teaches students discipline as well as enabling them to develop their musicality and artistry. We follow the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabus allowing our dancers to strengthen and develop an outstanding technique.


Contemporary combines elements of several dance genres including ballet, lyrical, jazz and modern. Taking its influences from different cultures and various practitioners, contemporary allows you to explore your body and develop your artistry whilst still maintaining a strong technical base. This class may include floor-work!

Commercial/Street Dance

Jazz is the most popular dance style in the UK at the moment. It’s upbeat and fun nature makes it so enjoyable to dance. Combining influences of many dance styles, such as; commercial, street, hip hop and jazz, you can see why it appeals to so many. If you watch music videos/backing dancers on shows such as X-Factor, and think ‘I wish I could dance like that’ then this is the class for you.

Kicks, Leaps and Turns

Develop your kicks, leaps and turns in this energetic, technique based class!

Latin and Ballroom

If you or your child love to watch Strictly Come Dancing, then this is the class for you! Learn the techniques of styles such as: Salsa, Jive, Samba, Waltz, Tango and so much more! Learn to dance like the stars in this super fun class.


Lyrical mixes the technical elements of both ballet and jazz. It works at a faster pace than ballet but a slower pace than jazz. Using fluidity, grace and excellent technique this beautiful style really does allow you to just dance. Usually a lyrical dance will portray a strong emotional story which allows you to develop your performance, making for a strong stage presence as well as improving your technique.


Modern is a fun, rhythmical dance style with a strong theatrical quality. This style is the one most seen in West End Shows and Theatre Productions. Combining technique and strength with a large performance aspect this classes provides the background necessary for longevity within the performing arts industry. We teach the ISTD Modern syllabus.

Theatre Company (Acting, Singing and Dancing)/ Mini Musical Theatre

These classes focus on all aspects of drama and musical theatre. In the first term we explore different acting techniques; working on improvisation and scripts in small groups. The second term we work on a musical (this will be a full scale production, with a performance in a professional theatre at the end of term). In the final term we will be working on creating our own piece which will be performed to parents.


Tap is an African/American style of dance focusing on rhythm and musicality. This is a theatre based dance style using tap shoes to create the sounds and rhythms with your feet (mainly seen in shows such as; 42nd Street, Tap Dogs, Stomp). It’s rising popularity makes it an essential class for dance students.